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Delcom Modules
The Delcom modules allows you to build custom solution for interfacing your computer to the real world. Modules can be added in a stacking fashion to meet your design requirements. One interface is required to communicate with the modules.

Supports Microsoft Windows.Supports microsoft windows.
Limited support MAX OSX.Supports MAC OSX.
Limited supports Linux. Supports Linux.
Supports 32 & 64 Bit OS. Supports 32 and 64 bit operating systems.
Documentation & Examples
 705000USB HID 4Ch Programable PCB PCB$30.18 
 705002USB HID 4Ch Programable PCB w/Mini USB ConnPCB$32.69 
 705004USB HID 4Ch Programable PCB w/B USB ConnPCB$33.25 
 705009USB HID 1Ch Input Programmable PCB w/Spade ConnPCB$37.17 
 705012USB HID Arcade Button AssemblePCB$46.90 
 900202USB G2 Dual Relay Module Stand Alone$61.71 
 900204USB HID Quad Relay/Opto Module Quad$80.69 
 900301-C24VACUSB G2 Input Single Relay Module 24VACInput$60.42 
 902120USB HID HS 20 Pin Interface Module Demo BrdInterface$58.38 
 902125USB HID HS 28 Pin Interface Module Demo BrdInterface$62.62 
 902140Relay Out 8 Module Output$100.87 
 902140-TRelay Out 8 Module w/TerminalOuput$113.46 
 902142I2C Relay Out 8 Module Output$102.74 
 902142-TI2C Relay Out 8 Module w/TerminalOutput$115.44 
 902150Opto Isolator 8Ch Input Module Input$64.25 
 902150-TOpto Isolator 8Ch Input Module w/TerminalsInput$77.97 
 902190Power Supply 12VDC 0.5Amps$9.87 
 902192Prototyping Module $42.30 
Click on the product number for more information. Contact us for alternate configurations.
Applications: Interfacing, Controls, GPIO, Automation, Robotics

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