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AboutUs Delcom Products Inc. specializes in electronic products and software development. We provide full engineering and manufacturing services. Our expertise include electrical, mechanical and software engineering. Delcom was found in 1999 and since then we have been providing superior products and quality services world wide.

USB Products
USB Indicator & Displays
USB Multi Color Indicator Lights USB Single Color Indicator Lights USB Traffic Indicator Lights USB Numeric Displays
USB Foot Switches
USB Single Foot Switch USB Dual Foot Switch USB Tri Foot Switch USB Quad Foot Switch
USB Input Controls
USB Buttons USB Buttons USB Key Switchs
USB Modules
Stacked Modules Relay Module USB Interface Module
USB Chip Sets
USB Chips USB Demo brds USB Cables
USB Buzzer
USB Chips USB Demo brds

Press Release: In November 2008 we released our second generation of the USB firmware. This second generation firmware is similar to our original (first generation) products in form and function but instead of communicating via the Delcom driver this firmware uses the USB HID driver. Using the USB HID driver has many advantages. The most important advantage is not having to load a USB driver. Also the USB HID driver is more reliable, more secure, scalable, and provides for a true plug and play USB products. For more information click press release and USB Generation II top level.

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