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USB HID Traffic Indicators
These USB visual indicators come in one, two or three colors. They are self powered and activated via the USB port. Flash rate and duty cycle are programmable. Excellent on-off contrast. Includes 2 Meter USB Cable. Unique serial number in each device. Example software available in C, VB, C# and VB.Net. Now available with flange mount enclosure. See part numbers with the -F sufixs.
Support all major operating systems, but requires custom software.
Documentation & Examples
PartNumberImageDescriptionLED ColorCase ColorWireCfgMountPrice@1
Number of LEDs: Dual
 907021USB HID Green/Red Visual Indicator w/Black CaseGreenRedBlack2MDualSurface$57.70 
 907021-FUSB HID Green/Red Visual Indicator w/Flanged Black CaseGreenRedBlack2MDualFlange$58.11 
 908021USB HID Green/Red Visual Indicator w/White CaseGreenRedWhite2MDualSurface$57.70 
 908021-FUSB HID Green/Red Visual Indicator w/Flanged White CaseGreenRedWhite2MDualFlange$58.11 
Number of LEDs: Single
 907001USB HID Green Visual Indicator w/Black CaseGreenBlack2MSingleSurface$51.45 
 907001-FUSB HID Green Visual Indicator w/Flanged Black CaseGreenBlack2MSingleFlange$51.86 
 907002USB HID Red Visual Indicator w/Black CaseRedBlack2MSingleSurface$51.45 
 907002-FUSB HID Red Visual Indicator w/Flanged Black CaseRedBlack2MSingleFlange$51.86 
 907004USB HID Yellow Visual Indicator w/Black CaseYellowBlack2MSingleSurface$51.45 
 907004-FUSB HID Yellow Visual Indicator w/Flanged Black CaseYellowBlack2MSingleFlange$51.86 
 908001USB HID Green Visual Indicator w/White CaseGreenWhite2MSingleSurface$51.45 
 908001-FUSB HID Green Visual Indicator w/Flanged White CaseGreenwhite2MSingleFlange$51.86 
 908002USB HID Red Visual Indicator w/White CaseRedWhite2MSingleSurface$51.45 
 908002-FUSB HID Red Visual Indicator w/Flanged White CaseRedWhite2MSingleFlange$51.86 
 908004USB HID Yellow Visual Indicator w/White CaseYellowWhite2MSingleSurface$51.45 
 908004-FUSB HID Yellow Visual Indicator w/Flanged White CaseYellowWhite2MSingleFlange$51.86 
Number of LEDs: Triple
 907241USB HID Green/Yellow/Red Visual Indicator w/Black CaseGreenYellowRedBlack2MTripleSurface$62.90 
 907241-FUSB HID Green/Yellow/Red Visual Indicator w/Flanged Black CaseGreen Yellow RedBlack2MTripleFlange$63.31 
 908241USB HID Green/Yellow/Red Visual Indicator w/White CaseGreen Yellow RedWhite2MTripleSurface$62.90 
 908241-FUSB HID Green/Yellow/Red Visual Indicator w/Flanged White CaseGreenYellowRedWhite2MTripleFlange$63.31 
Click on the product number for more information. Contact us for alternate configurations.
Suffix: -F=Flange
Applications: Process Equipment, Status Indicators, Queue Controls, Flow Controls

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