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Item#: 802300
Name: USB G1 LS 12 IO CHIP DIP20
Price(USD): ea
    Qty 1 - 99$8.00
    Qty 100 - 499$6.00
    Qty 500 - 999$5.50
    Qty 1000+ $5.00

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Preprogrammed USB G1 Chip 12 Bit IO
Package: 20 Lead DIP(300-Mil)
16 programmable Input/Output pins.
Minimum external required parts; 1 USB Chip,1 Resistor, 2 Caps and 1 Crystal.
Features; RS232 Serial Port (2400baud only), I2C Port, Event counter, 1 and 8 byte buffered data mode with handshaking, 64 Bit I/O Command, Clock generator with variable duty cycle, Variable current sink control. Self powered from the USB Cable. Up to 450mA available to the user. Unique serial number in each chip.
Supports Win98, ME, Win2000, XP & Mac OS X.
Add USB to your existing or future products without the hassle of learning USB and driver development.
Generation I products are NOT recommended for new designs.
Recomended upgrade chip is the 802370 or 802770.
Obsolete Part - The manufacture of this chip has issued a EOL on this part!
This chip is not longer available.
Click here for upgrade.

Note(2) This product is based on a Cypress Microprocessor that has been discontinued. This product is no longer available. See current USB Chip Sets.
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Programming Manaul USB Programming Manual. Describes the Direct and Registry methods of accessing the Delcom USB driver. Examples in C and VB.
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