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Item#: 802001
Name: USB LS IO Chips

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USB Low Speed IO Chips, Demo boards and accessories.

Note(2) This product is based on a Cypress Microprocessor that has been discontinued. This product is no longer available. See current USB Chip Sets.
802000 USB Demo Brd, Rev B$50.72   
802004 USB Demo Brd, Rev B w/Conn$50.72   
802200 USB LS 12 IO CHIP SOIC20$8.00   
802270 USB LS 10 IO CHIP SOIC18$8.28   
802300 USB LS 12 IO CHIP DIP20$8.00   
802370 USB LS 10 IO CHIP DIP18$8.28   
802600 USB LS 16 IO CHIP SOIC24$8.00   
802670 USB LS 16 IO CHIP SOIC24$8.28   
802770 USB LS 16 IO CHIP DIP24$8.28   
803506 USB B RT Connector$4.12   
803507 USB Minimum Parts Kit$3.94   
803514 USB 2.0 A-B Cable$7.48   
803517 USB SMT Minimum Parts Kit$3.94   

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