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Item#: 890601
Name: USB HID Command Line Utility
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USB HID IO Command Appliction & Source Code in C++.
A simply Windows command line utility to send and receive data from the USB I/O device.
This utility can be used in batch files or called from other programs.

Works with all Delcom USB HID Generation II products. Product PN# 9xxxxx and 7xxxxx
USBCMDAP.exe - 32Bit
USBCMDAPx64.exe zip - 64Bit
32 Bit Source Code
USBCMDAP example batch files

USBCMDAP - USB HID I/O Command Application - Delcom Products Inc.
This utility allows Delcom USB HID commands to be sent to the USB device.
Refer to the Delcom USBIOHID Datasheet for commands.
Syntax: USBCMDAP [options] TID SID MajorCmd MinorCmd [DataLSB DataMSB DataHID0..3 DataEXT0..7]
Options: (no spaces between options e.g. SWV)
E - Enumerate. Displays a list of all the Delcom USB device found.
S - Shared. Opens USB device as a shared device.
Allows other applications to access it at the same time.
W - Wait. Program will wait for the user to press a key before it exits.
V - Verbose On. Displays all verbose information.
TID - TypeID - Search for: 0=All, 1=USBIO, 2=USBVI, 3=USBND, 4=USBTL, 5=USBBUZ
SID - Serial ID - Search for: 0=All, otherwise device with a matching SID.
MajorCmd - The major command.
MinorCmd - The minor command.
LSBData - The LSB data paramater.
MSBData - The MSB data parameter.
DataHID0..3 - The HID data parameters(4)
DataExt0..7 - The Extension data paramaters(8).

Example - Sets the P1.0 port pin low.
C:USBCMDAP WV 0 0 101 12 1 0
USB HID I/O Command Application v0.1 Options: VW
TID =0 SID=0 Maj=101 Min=12 LSB=1 MSB=0 HID0=0 HID1=0 HID2=0 HID3=0
DExt0=0 DExt1=0 DExt2=0 DExt3=0 DExt4=0 DExt5=0 DExt6=0 DExt7=0
Device Found: ?hid#vid_0fc5&pid_b080#6&1992656&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}
DeviceType:2 Serial#:100284 Version:21 DateCode:12/2/2008
Command completed.
Press any key to continue...

USB HID G2 Datasheet USB HID G2 Datasheet. Datasheet for all the Delcom USB HID products.

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