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Item#: 890612
Name: delcomSetPID Linux Utility
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The delcomSetPID utility is a Linux command line program that allows the user to change the Delcom device PID to either 0xB080(default) or 0xA080(alternate). The purpose of this function is to restore HID event functionality (joystick, mouse, joystick) to the Delcom device that the Linux kernel (version 4.8 to 4.17) incorrectly disables.
Note changing the PID to the alternate will require the PID in any application connecting to the device to also change. If you need to use the Delcom Setup Utility after changing to the alternate(0xA080), you will need to temporary change the PID back to the default(0xB080).
For more information see Linux Kernel Issue in v4.8 to 4.18

Download delcomSetPID Linux Utility
Download delcomSetPID Windows Utility
Requires firmware version 53 or higher.

Syntax: delcomSetPID [PID]. Where PIN is either 0xB080 or 0xA080.
   Linux Example: sudo ./delcomSetPID 0xA080
   Windows Example: delcomSetPIDwin 0xA080

Note(4) Linux Kernel Issue in v4.8+
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