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Item#: 804100
Name: Mounting Poles and Bases

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Mounting poles for the USB Visual Indicators. Item#8041xx (xx is the length in inches)
Straight Aluminum Mounting Pole
AL-6061 OD-0.540" ID-0.460, Tread M14x1.5, Maximum 6ft, Minimum 4".
Finish available in glass bead clear aluminum or flat black painted (suffix -PTB).
Custom lengths: 2 Week Lead Time.
Note for the USB connector to fit though the tube you must order the USB light with the USB micro connector. Otherwise you will need to unsolder the USB cable at the PCB, run it through the pole and then re-solder the USB cable to the PCB.
We no longer stock the flexible poles. If you would like the flexible poles you can purchase them directly from the manufacture. See

804104 Straight Al. Mounting Pole 4"$4.60   
804106 Straight Al. Mounting Pole 6"$6.34   
804108 Straight Al. Mounting Pole 8"$7.79   
804112 Straight Al. Mounting Pole 12"$9.22   
804124 Straight Al. Mounting Pole 24"$13.82   
804136 Straight Al. Mounting Pole 36"$18.43   
804148 Straight Al. Mounting Pole 48"$23.03   
804301 Mounting Pole Base$11.76   
804303 Indicator Mounting Bolt$3.74   
804313 L-Bracket Pole Mount$7.58   

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