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Title: 703300 USB HID RF Setup and Pairing.

Summary: This web note describes how to setup and pair the 703300 USB HID RF receiver with a RF transmitter.

The ADDRESS button on the transmitter, randomizes(unique) the transmitters address code. Once the transmitters address code has been changed you will have to pair it to the receiver again. See below for instructions.

The MS Long-Range Handheld Transmitter allows the selection of one of 16,777,216 (224) unique addresses. All transmitters are supplied with a default test address. To avoid contention with other units or to create unique relationships, the address can be changed. This is accomplished by using a paper clip or probe to press the CREATE or ADD button on the board through the hole in the back of the case. Press the button and a LED will light up indicating that a new unique address is being created. The address will be randomized for as long as the button is held down. Release the button and the randomized address will be saved and the LED will begin flashing to indicate that the Control Permissions may now be set. Press the buttons that the transmitter will have the authority to access. Press the CREATE button with the paper clip again to cancel CREATE mode or wait 17 seconds for it to time out. The address and button Permissions are now set. The decoder(receiver) will now need to learn/pair the address before it will accept any transmissions.
For further information see page 3 of this datasheet

To pair the receiver to the transmitter, open the USB receiver and short the learn jumper for a second. The receiver module will now start blinking, indicating that it is in learn mode. Now while the receiver is in learn mode, press each one of the buttons on the transmitter that you want the receiver to learn/pair. When done momentary short the learn jumper again to go back to run(normal) mode again. You can also just wait and the receiver will automatically go back to run mode after 17 seconds of no activity. At this point all Address/Button combination should be saved in the receiver.

The receiver can save up to 31 Address. If the receiver currently has 31 saved address, the oldest address will be deleted and replaced with the new address. If you want to erase all current addresses in the receiver short the learn jumper for over 20 seconds.

NOTE - Learn mode is entered by shorting the two pins on the RX modules PCB. You will need to open the receiver enclosure to do this. You can use a paper clip, wire or tweezers to short the jumper pins to put the receiver module in learn mode.

For further information see page 8 of this data sheet

Note the remote transmitter button mapping is not intuitive. For example on the single button tranmitter the button is button 5 not 1! See the button mapping Button Map.

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