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Item#: 890604
Name: USB HID G2 Linux Example Code2
LeadTime: InStock

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Delcom Generation 2 USB HID Linux Sample Code2
A simple command line program to show how to communicate to the Delcom USB HID Devices.

Tested on: ubuntu 9.04
gcc version: 4.3.3
Requires: Libhid (Found in package libhid-dev on debian/ubuntu)
Run as: root (grabs the device from the kernal driver)
Compile String: gcc -I/usr/include -o control_delcom_gen2 -lhid control_delcom_gen2.c

Example syntax:

./control_delcom_gen2 --green
./control_delcom_gen2 --red
./control_delcom_gen2 --blue
./control_delcom_gen2 --off

Download Source Code
Works with all G2 products.

Note(4) Linux Kernel Issue in v4.8+
USB HID G2 Datasheet USB HID G2 Datasheet. Datasheet for all the Delcom USB HID products.
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