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Item#: 890520
Name: Delcom USB G1 Windows Driver
LeadTime: InStock

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Delcom USB G1 Windows Drivers.
Supports: Windows7, Vista, WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, WinME and Win98.
Does not support 64bit OS.

New VersionCurrent Driver Version 4.7 01/18/2010
Release Notes

Delcom USB IO Chip Driver - Used on all the Delcom USB IO Chips and Delcom FootSwitch Products.
Delcom USB Visual Indicator Driver - Used on all the Delcom USB Visual Indicator Products.
Delcom USB Numeric Display Driver - Used on all the Delcom USB Numeric Display Products.

Please note these drivers are for Delcoms generation I (8xxxxx) products only.
Do not uses these driver for generation II (9xxxxx) products!

To view your current driver version. Use windows device manager
and search for the Delcom USB device under the USB tree.

USB G1 Driver Removal Tool Utility for remove all generation 1 USB Drivers.

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