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Item#: 705002
Name: USB HID 4Ch Programable PCB w/Mini USB Conn
Weight: 0.35 lbs
LeadTime: 2-3 Days
Price(USD): ea
    Qty 1 - 19$32.69
    Qty 20 - 99$28.39
    Qty 100 - 499$24.43
    Qty 500 - 999$22.76
    Qty 1000+ $20.06

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Programable 4 channel PCB board with mini USB Connector.
This PCB has 4 inputs and 4 outputs. The 4 inputs can be programmed to emulate keycodes, mouse buttons and joystick buttons or the I/O can be controlled via software.
See the 890672 Delcom Setup Utility below to setup the device.
Device also supports the FootCtrl, DelcomDLL and all generation 2 commands.
Supports all Major operating systems (32 and 64 bit). Simple plug and play USB compliant device. Uses the systems USB HID driver, no drivers to load. Unique serial number in each device.
Self Powered from the USB port.
PCB Dimensions: 1.8" by 0.85"
USB Cable not included.
Connection Pad Drawing
Board Schematic
Board Drawing

Applications: Controls, Process Equipment, Automated Processes, Medical Equipment, Gaming, Special Needs

705000 USB HID 4Ch Programable PCB $30.18   
705003 USB HID 4Ch Programable PCB w/Enclosure & Mini USB Conn$41.17   
705004 USB HID 4Ch Programable PCB w/B USB Conn$33.25   
890672 Delcom Setup Utility
Delcom DLL Delcom DLL files and manual. The Delcom DLL allows simple integration between the Delcom USB devices and users programs. Works with C/C++, VB, Delphi, Labview, Labwindows and others.
900000 Delcom GEN2 USB HID Examples and Documentation

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