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Item#: 890611
Name: Delcom Node js example
LeadTime: InStock

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Delcom Node JS - A simple NodeJS example using the node-hid package to read and write the Delcom USB Device. Works with all Delcom HID device (Generations 2,3+). Tested on Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi
Verion 1.0

Download Delcom.js

// Sample test code
delcom = require("./Delcom.js");
delcom.LedCtrl(delcom.GreenLED, delcom.ModeOff);
delcom.LedCtrl(delcom.RedLED, delcom.ModeOff);
delcom.LedCtrl(delcom.YellowLED, delcom.ModeOff);

delcom.LedCtrl(delcom.YellowLED, delcom.ModeFlash);

//delcom.WrPorts(0, 0);

var ports = delcom.RdPorts();
console.log("P0="+ports[0], " P1="+ports[1], " P2="+ports[2]);
console.log("All done.....");

Works with all G2 and newer products.

Note(4) Linux Kernel Issue in v4.8+
USB HID G2 Datasheet USB HID G2 Datasheet. Datasheet for all the Delcom USB HID products.
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