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Item#: 606210-RK
Name: Bluetooth Programmable Dual Red Black Buttons Grey Enclosure
Weight: 0.35 lbs
LeadTime: InStock
Price(USD): ea
    Qty 1 - 19$91.37
    Qty 20 - 99$89.08
    Qty 100 - 499$84.51
    Qty 500 - 999$79.95
    Qty 1000+ $77.67

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Bluetooth Programmable Dual Red Black Buttons with Grey Hand Held Enclosure.
This device can be programmed to emulate keycodes, mouse and joystick buttons.

Enclosure: ABS Plastic, Dimensions: 3.90in x 2.20in x 0.94in
Battery Type: AAA@2.

The device can be configured with Delcom BTIO Setup App available on Apple IOS and Android platforms.

Options: 606nes-xxx
   n=Number of buttons (1,2,3)
   e=Enclosure color(1:Grey, 2:Black)
   s=Style 0:Basic, 1:Pocket Clip
   xxx- Button color (right to left)
   Button colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White and BlacK.

Applications: Controls, Process Equipment, Automated Processes, Medical Equipment, Gaming, PTT, Special Needs


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