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USB Foot Switches
The Delcom USB Foot Switches can be programmed for four modes; KEYBOARD, MOUSE, JOYSTICK and CUSTOM mode. With KEYBOARD mode the device can send any key code including the ALT, CTRL, SHIFT and GUI modifier keys. With MOUSE mode you can send the LEFT, RIGHT or CENTER mouse button events. With JOYSTICK mode you can send joystick button events 1 to 16. With CUSTOM mode you can use your custom software application to interface to the device. For CUSTOM programming information see the generation 2 support page. To program the modes use the Delcom Setup Utility. Uses the OS built in HID drivers, no drivers to load. Multiply devices can be used at the same time. Supported on all major operating systems (32 and 64 bit).
Delcom Setup Utility
Documentation & Examples
 703602USB HID Programmable Dual Foot Switch w/2M CableDual2M$88.67 
 703602-5MUSB HID Programable Dual Foot Switch w/5M CableDual5M$91.97 
 703612USB HID Programable Dual Rocker Foot Switch w/2M CableDual2M$80.64 
 703612-5MUSB HID Programable Dual Rocker Foot Switch w/5M CableDual5M$83.93 
 703604USB HID Programmable Quad Foot Switch w/2M CableQuad2M$126.12 
 703604-5MUSB HID Programable Quad Foot Switch w/5M CableQuad5M$129.40 
 703624 USB HID Programmable Quad Foot Switch w/ LEDs & 2M CableQuad2M$155.75 
 703600USB HID Programmable Foot Switch w/2M CableSingle2M$41.47 
 703600-5MUSB HID Programable Foot Switch w/5M CableSingle5M$44.76 
 703600-5M-DUSB HID Programable Deluxe Foot Switch w/5M CableSingle5M$105.05 
 703600-5M-SMUSB HID Programable Metal Foot Switch w/5M CableSingle5M$78.42 
 703600-DUSB HID Programable Deluxe Foot Switch w/2M CableSingle2M$101.94 
 703600-GRDUSB HID Programmable Guard Foot Switch w/2M CableSingle2M$67.84 
 703600-SMUSB HID Programable Metal Foot Switch w/2M CableSingle2M$73.14 
 703602-GRDUSB HID Programmable Guard Dual Foot Switch w/2M CableSingle2M$89.04 
 703603USB HID Programmable Triple Foot Switch w/2M CableTriple2M$107.41 
 703603-5MUSB HID Programable Triple Foot Switch w/5M CableTriple2M$110.70 
Click on the product number for more information. Contact us for alternate configurations.
Suffix: -5M=5Meter Cable(default is 2M), -D=Deluxe, -SM=Metal, -Q=Quiet, -IP68=Waterproof
Applications: Automation, Process Equipment, Medical Equipment, Controls, Gaming, Special Needs.

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