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USB Visual Signal Indicator
The USB HID visual signal indicator are powered and activated via the USB port. LEDs produce light in three of four colors; red, green, yellow, blue and white. Intensity, flash rate and duty cycle are all programmable. Optional internal piezo buzzer and internal tactile switch are available. Self powered from the USB port. Dimensions are 50mm by 58mm, the base has an treaded insert for pole mounting. There are three wire exit styles they are: side, bottom and bottom centered. Includes 2 or 5 Meter USB Cable. Unique serial number in each device for multi device support. Support on all major OS systems. Example software available in C, VB, C#, Python, NodeJS and VB.Net. Documentation & Examples
Indicator light hardware: Poles, bases & brackets available here.
Case Color LED Color Cable Length Cable Cfg Basic Switch Buzzer Switch&Buzzer
WHITE GRB 2M Side 904000 904000-S 904000-B 904000-SB
Center 904010 904010-S 904010-B 904010-SB
Bottom 904020 904020-S 904020-B 904020-SB
5M Side 904001 904001-S 904001-B 904001-SB
Center 904011 904011-S 904011-B 904011-SB
Bottom 904021 904021-S 904021-B 904021-SB
GRY 2M Side 904002 904002-S 904002-B 904002-SB
Center 904012 904012-S 904012-B 904012-SB
Bottom 904022 904022-S 904022-B 904022-SB
5M Side 904003 904003-S 904003-B 904003-SB
Center 904013 904013-S 904013-B 904013-SB
Bottom 904023 904023-S 904023-B 904023-SB
BLACK GRB 2M Side 904005 904005-S 904005-B 904005-SB
Center 904015 904015-S 904015-B 904015-SB
Bottom 904025 904025-S 904025-B 904025-SB
5M Side 904006 904006-S 904006-B 904006-SB
Center 904016 904016-S 904016-B 904016-SB
Bottom 904026 904026-S 904026-B 904026-SB
GRY 2M Side 904007 904007-S 904007-B 904007-SB
Center 904017 904017-S 904017-B 904017-SB
Bottom 904027 904027-S 904027-B 904027-SB
5M Side 904008 904008-S 904008-B 904008-SB
Center 904018 904018-S 904018-B 904018-SB
Bottom 904028 904028-S 904028-B 904028-SB
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Suffix: -S=Internal Switch, -B=Internal Buzzer, -SB=Internal Switch and Buzzer.

How to select your USB visual signal indicator.
  1. Choose the enclosure color; white or black.
  2. Choose the LED color combinations; Green/Red/Blue or Green/Red/Yellow.
  3. Choose the USB cable length; either 2 or 5 meter.
  4. Choose the wire entry style. There are three wire entry styles, they are; side, bottom and center. The side entry is best suited for mounting the device on a surface. The bottom entry is a best for pole mount or surface where a hole is available for the wire to feed thru the surface. The center entry is best for pole mounting where the USB cable is to be hidden within the mounting pole. This option includes a micro usb connector that allows the USB cable to pass thru the mounting pole.
  5. Choose the optional internal switch and buzzer options. The internal switch is actuated by pressed down on the lens cover. The switch can be read via software and be programmed to send events. The buzzer is actuated via software control. The buzzer is not recommended for noisy environments.
Applications: Process Equipment, Status Indicators, Web & Email Status, Queue Controls, Telecomunications, POS CheckOuts, Flow Controls.

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