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Item#: 900000
Name: Delcom Generation II USB HID Examples and Documentation
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This page contains all the Generation II Delcom USB HID examples and documentation.

The new generation II firmware is available on all our existing USB Generation I products.
To determine the new product number, simply add 100000 to the existing generation I product number. For example PN 802004 will be PN 902004.

The Delcom USB HID Generation II products are supported on all major operation systems.
32bit and 64bit, Windows, Linux, MAC OS, WinCE and others.

General Delcom USB HID Information:
All the Delcom USB HID products use the same common VID and PID. Each product contains a family type number and an unique serial number.
USB HID GUID = {4D1E55B2-F16F-11CF-88CB-001111000030}
VID(Vendor ID) = 0x0FC5, PID(Product ID) = 0xB080, TID(Family Type ID).
TID = 0 - Includes all Delcom USB HID products.
TID = 1 - Includes all Delcom USB HID IO Chips and generic USB Boards.
TID = 2 - Includes all Delcom USB HID Visual Indicator products.
TID = 3 - Includes all Delcom USB HID Numeric Display products.
TID = 4 - Includes all Delcom USB HID Traffic & Panel Light Products.

Delcom USB HID Generation 2 Migration Document. Delcom USB HID Migration Document. Describes how to migrate from the Generation 1 Delcom USB custom driver products to Generation 2 Delcom USB HID driver.
CY7C637xx DataSheet Cypress CY7C637xx USB Low Speed Chip. Relates to Delcom 802x70 & 902x70 products.
USB HID G2 Datasheet USB HID G2 Datasheet. Datasheet for all the Delcom USB HID products.
USB HID G2 Visual Indicator Datasheet. USB HID G2 Visual Indicator Datasheet/manual.
USB HID G3 MIG Migration document for USB HID Generation 3.
Delcom USB HID Products Delcom USB HID IO Generation II Products. Delcom new product press release.
890512 WIN C++ NET DelcomDLL Example
890601 USB HID Command Line Utility
890602 USB HID G2 Python Example Code
890603 USB HID G2 Linux Example Code1
890604 USB HID G2 Linux Example Code2
890607 USB HID MFC C++ Example
890610 USB HID G2 Linux Example Code3
890630 USB HID MFC C#.NET Example
890632 USB HID MFC VB.NET Visual Basic Example
890640 USB HID MFC C#.NET Visual Indicator Example
890650 USB HID MFC C#.NET I2C Example
890660 USB HID MFC C#.NET SPI Example
890680 USB HID Task bar Lamp Control Program.
890682 DelcomX USB HID ActiveX Control
990601 USB HID G3 ADC Analog to digital convert C++ MFC Example Code
990602 USB HID G3 Event Counter C++ MFC Example Code
Delcom DLL Delcom DLL files and manual. The Delcom DLL allows simple integration between the Delcom USB devices and users programs. Works with C/C++, VB, Delphi, Labview, Labwindows and others.
USB HID C++/MFC Visual Indicator Example USB HID MFC C++ Visual Indicator Example
Linux G2 Light Driver Linux G2 USB Light Driver using rudy-usb
USB Generation I Delcom USB Generation I - Not recommended for new designs.

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