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USB HID Chip Sets
Preprogrammed USB Chips with general purpose input/output pins. Minimum required external parts; Enhanced preprogrammed features; I2C Port, SPI Port, ADC, Edge trigger event counter, Clock generator with variable frequency and duty cycle. Self powered from the USB. Up to 450mA available to the user. Unique serial number in each chip. Support on all major OS systems. Example software available in C, C#, VB, VB.Net, Python, JSnode and CVI.
 902251-DIP20USB HID FS 14 GPIO CHIP DIP20DIP20$7.34 
 902252-DIP28USB HID FS 19 GPIO CHIP DIP28DIP28$9.76 
 902251-SSOP20USB HID FS 14 GPIO CHIP SSOP20SOIC20$7.34 
 902252-SOIC28USB HID FS 19 GPIO CHIP SOIC28SOIC28$9.76 
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