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Delcom USB Generation I - Not recommended for new designs.
Due to the ever increasing complexity of loading drivers and the continuous changes in operating systems, Delcom has resigned there products to use the pre-installed USB HID driver instead of the custom Delcom driver. This new firmware upgrade is referred to as generation II. All existing Generation I products will be available in generation II.

Generation I products will still be available but will have limited future support. Therefore we are recommending that all future design be based on the Generation II USB HID chips sets.

Generation II USB HID Driver Advantages:
Using the Generation II USB HID driver has many advantages. The most important advantages is not having to load a USB driver. Also the USB HID driver is more reliable, more secure, scalable, and provides for a true plug and play USB products.

  • Driver preinstalled on most operation systems.
  • Compatible with 32bit and 64bit machines.
  • Multi-core and multi-processor safe.
  • Better security. Driver signed and certified by the OS vendor.
  • Automatic driver updates by OS vendor.
  • Larger read and write packet buffer size.
  • More efficient data payload.
  • Data verification feature for improved mission critical designs.
  • Enhance error detection and handling.
  • Scalable to future operating systems.
  • Scalable to higher performance USB chips sets.

Generation II Part Numbers:
The new Generation II firmware is available on all our existing USB Generation I products. To determine the new part number, simply add 100000 to the existing Generation I part number. For example PN 802004 will be PN 902004.

Generation II and I Compatibility:
If you are presently using the Delcom DLL (with a DLL version of 0.7 or higher) there are no changes require to communicate to the Generation II products. The Delcom DLL is also backwards compatible and will work with both firmware generations. If you are currently communicating direct to Generation I USB devices then they are a few changes changes that will be needed. See the USB HID Migration document.

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